Aural Sex: VMAs Edition

The 2014 MTV VMA awards pretty much confirmed my suspicion that we will all look back fondly in twenty years and remember this as the dawn of the cult of the unimaginably large posterior. It’s fitting that Miley Cyrus took the coveted Video of the Year award for ‘Wrecking Ball,’ the video that not so…


2014 MTV Video Music Awards

It’s that time of year again. The time when twerking on married men whilst wearing minimal clothes is apparently acceptable. That’s right, it’s the VMAs. Last year, Miley Cyrus stole the show when she wore a flesh coloured bikini and twerked with a giant foam hand and Robin Thicke, however this year she’s managed to…


Pre-Emmys, Emmys

When the word ‘Emmys’ is mentioned, one normally throws a fit over how outright ridiculous it is that 15-time Emmy Award nominee Amy Poehler has never won. Nope, just me? (But seriously, FIFTEEN times she’s been nominated with no wins). The Primetime Emmy Awards are less than 24 hours away (!!!), but if you’re relatively…


Getting Lippi: Coaches Gone Wild

Marcello Lippi knows how to graciously accept defeat. Said no one ever… It was all fun and games at Pirtek Stadium last Wednesday night as the Western Sydney Wanderers scraped a controversial 1-0 win over the not so pleasant Chinese visitors. All eyes were on the Wanderers promising new Brazilian import Vitor Saba, at least…


Weekend Motorsport Wrap

With the multitude of major sporting events that have just graced the weekend gone, you’d be forgiven for missing out on the jam-packed action that has occurred on race tracks across the globe. Events of particular interest are the V8 Supercars, which made their return to Eastern Creek’s Sydney Motorsport Park for the first time…

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